Escape From Tarkov

Winter Cup

Teams made up of three operators will clash in a no holds barred points competition!

At the start of the tournament, each team will be assigned a round and starting from that moment they will have 3 hours to complete as many challenges as possible. Never before seen prizes for a Tarkov tournament await the winners.
The event will be held between the 12 and 13 December, con turni pomeridiani e serali. Il tutto sarà accompagnato da una diretta Twitch no-stop sui canali italiani di Escape From Tarkov. 

Prize pool

Without the support of our sponsors this tournament would not have been possible, for this reason a special thanks goes to them for the support and trust in our project, for this reason we invite you to visit the page dedicated to them.

First place:

3X: Monitor taurus 27″ curved 144Hz (link) from our sponsor Gaming Rig

Second place:

3X: “EFT” Black Soft Touch Cup + USEC metall Pin + “EFT” T-shirt Black + “EFT” Cap Black (link) provided directly by Battlestate Games

Third place:

3X: gift card worth 50 euros that can be used on our sponsor's website Ninjersey for t-shirts and other customizable items.

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