Escape From Tarkov


The following rules are to be integrated into the rules of good conduct present in the "Regulations" section of the Discord that will host the Event and, obviously, this event will be REGULATED BY G.E.C. according to its provisions. Any violation will be sanctioned with penalty or exclusion of the team from the competition.

Repeated violations will result in the exclusion of the entire Team from the Tournament. If a controversial situation that is not described in these rules arise, the captain must open a complaint after the match has ended. The Staff reserves itself the right to judge, from time to time, cases not supported or not specified in this document, or to make decisions that contradict the following rules in order to preserve the integrity and fair-play of the competition. If you want to appeal any admonition you can contact our technical manager, Mattia, aka Wratto (Discord tag: Wratto#2562 ). Must be noted that the refusal to comply with any of these rules will automatically lead to disqualification. The winner will be announced one week after the end of the tournament. The entire team MUST be signed up with G.E.C. (Italian law requires it for E-Sport events with money prize) in order to partecipate in the tournament and must fill out the form in the "how to register" section of the website.

PROCEDURES FOR CARRYING OUT: To all the players will be given a costumized profile from BSG. This means that EVERYONE playing the tournament will be equal in terms of account at the start of the tournament. In the event we won't tollerate any of these behaviour: cheathing, exploit and any abuse related to game mechanics. Challenges could not be counted for this behaviours.

Each team, to get the victory, must get as many points as possible by completing the challenges of the "Winter Cup". The Challenges will be viewable 10 days before the start of the Tournament, under each Challenge there will be a small explanation. In addition, the judges in the channel will be able to give you further explanations if needed.



  • Any action that results in an unfair advantage is not allowed. This includes the use of bugs, macros and glitches of any kind. When a team is caught using a bug, macro or glitch for the first time, it will be sanctioned with a warning. The repetition of the violation will result in the disqualification of the entire Team from the Tournament.
  • The individual teams are responsible for their own hardware and internet connections. The Tournament will not be postponed due to technical problems and player substitutions are not allowed (Read Art.6). If a team cannot play with three players, it will result in a forfeit until the third member returns.
  • Participants will need to take screenshots and upload them to a specific Google Drive folder. After that, they must provide the sharing link in the appropriate channels of the "Tournament" section of the Discord (in the specific text channel of their team). The screenshots to be taken are: all completed "Raids" (Screenshots of kills and post-raid inventory; specific raid statistics will be needed only if necessary for points). For those that are not able to do so during the entire duration of the Tournament, will be possible afterwards, as long as the "Raid identification code" is clearly visible. All screenshots must be uploaded in the appropriate channel in 1 hour from the Judges Leader Wratto.
    Any Screenshots sent after the deadline will not be counted.
    If any “Raid” Screenshots not taken during the tournament are found, the team will be disqualified without appeals.
  • All participants MUST stream the entire duration of the tournament (3 hours). The choice of the streaming platform is at their discretion (as long as they contain references to the Event). Within the registration form, there is the possibility to choose the streaming platform (Discord is allowed) but the platform must be the same for the entire team. In case of crashes and / or malfunctions during the "Raid", unless the player is able to reconnects to the same raid, the latter will be invalidated for the point count. The judges will ensure the smooth running of the tournament. At least one will be present within the individual rooms used for the tournament. Be respectful, no disrespectful behavior will be tolerated! For any problem, the Technical Coordinator will intervene as the highest authority. The Staff has the right to judge what will happen in any case to ensure fair play and the integrity of the tournament.
  • For crashes and / or malfunctions during the "Raid", unless the player reconnects to the same raid, the latter will be invalidated for the point count. The judges will ensure the smooth running of the tournament. At least one will be present within the individual rooms used for the tournament.
  • Each team has the possibility to choose a reserve player as long as he is registered in the same way as the rest of the team. The reserve player can be called to participate up to 30 minutes from the GO by the judge and not during the tournament. Any reserve MUST be registered with the team upon registration. The reserve player is NOT mandatory but optional.
  • In the event of a draw of points for two or more teams, the number of "Master Challenge" obtained will be the first discriminating factor. If the "Master Challange" obtained are the same, the other "Degrees" of the challenge will be calculated to go down until the winner is obtained.
  • Any software, tampering, cheat, macro or application suspected of providing unfair advantages to the player, will be subject to penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the staff. Any scoring penalties will be given BEFORE the final points calculation.


It is forbidden to use all accessories with thermal vision, meaning ALL the thermal sights in the game and ALL the thermal visor in the game. In addition to the thermal accessories, the grenade launcher will also be banned. All other items and weapons can be used freely.
The FACTORY map cannot be played during the tournament.

Only players / teams involved in the Tournament are allowed to open a complaint.
The Organizers reserve the right to go against this regulation in order to respect the fair play of the competition. Any measure adopted by the Judge can be disputed at the end of the turn, by writing in the appropriate channel.

NB: All the Raids of the Tournament must be carried out in "Online" mode. Each Raid carried out in "Offline" mode will not be validated.

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